Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where Is The Job Creation?

How is the stimulus working for you and your state regarding job creation? Yea, I know that was a dumb question. Wasn't one of the main reasons for passing the stimulus bill was to avoid the January 2009 unemployment rate of - 7.6% - not to increase further? Wasn't one of the urgencies to sign the stimulus bill into law to avoid the economy from losing an additional 3-4 million jobs? The answer is YES. All of that was scare tactics from the Obama administration because they knew all along that those numbers were going to increase no matter what was done and how fast it was completed. They just wanted to instill fear and distress to the public to have our support. I know hind sight is 20/20, but a lot of us saw this coming.

According to David Camp (R-MI), a top Republican in the Ways and Means Committee, only one state has had a positive number of jobs created since the signing of the stimulus bill. Yes, one state !! Which one is it? North Dakota has had a total of 1,800 jobs created since February 2009. Every other states including Washington, D.C. is in the negative with California leading the pack with 336,400 jobs lost since the stimulus bill was passed. Where is the stimulus money? How is it helping? As you cans see there are more questions unanswered than answered.

What is it going to take for everyone to notice all of the bullsh*t this administration is selling them? I mean Obama and his administration are basically hypnotizing everyone and making them dance like a snake charmer does to a cobra. Eventually, the music will stop and those people won't know what hit them. Good luck to them because I won't be one of them.

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